Erkun Yang

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With benefits of low storage cost and fast query speed, crossmodal hashing has received considerable attention recently. However, almost all existing methods on cross-modal hashing cannot obtain powerful hash codes due to directly utilizing hand-crafted features or ignoring heterogeneous correlations across different modalities, which will greatly degrade(More)
Due to high mobility and intermittent connections in vehicular networks, reliable and efficient vehicular communication is a challenging task. Previous research on Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communication mostly focuses on achieving reliable transmissions from a given source to a given destination by mining moving patterns of taxicabs. However, to the best of(More)
Convolutional neural networks have achieved great success in many computer vision tasks. However, it is still challenging for action recognition in videos due to the intrinsically complicated space-time correlation and computational difficult of videos. Existing methods usually neglect the fusion of long term spatio-temporal information. In this paper, we(More)
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