Erko Stackebrandt

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The higher ranks of the class Actinobacteria were proposed and described in 1997. At each rank, the taxa were delineated from each other solely on the basis of 16S rRNA gene sequence phylogenetic(More)
Sphaerobacter thermophilus was originally classified as the deepest branching member of the phylum Actinobacteria (high-G+C, Gram-positive bacteria) based on 16S rRNA gene comparative analysis.(More)
Six strains of denitrifying bacteria isolated from various oxic and anoxic habitats on different monocyclic aromatic substrates were characterized by sequencing 16S rRNA genes, determining(More)
Six Gram-positive, non-motile, UV- and draught-tolerant bacteria were isolated from antarctic soil and rock samples. The pink to orange cocci grew well on oligotrophic medium PYGV (pH 7.5) at 9-18(More)
Two marine, Gram-negative, aerobic, halophilic strains, designated KMM 3657T and KMM 3840T, were isolated and found to be phylogenetically closely related to each other, showing 96.6 % 16S rRNA gene(More)