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AIMS/HYPOTHESIS We aimed to assess the feasibility of a dietary intervention trial with weaning to hydrolysed formula in infants at increased risk of type 1 diabetes and to study the effect of the intervention on the emergence of diabetes-associated autoantibodies in early childhood. METHODS We studied 242 newborn infants who had a first-degree relative(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether long term consumption of a probiotic milk could reduce gastrointestinal and respiratory infections in children in day care centres. DESIGN Randomised, double blind, placebo controlled study over seven months. SETTING 18 day care centres in Helsinki, Finland. PARTICIPANTS 571 healthy children aged 1-6 years: 282 (mean (SD)(More)
Neuropeptide S receptor 1 (NPSR1) was recently found to be genetically associated with inflammatory bowel disease in addition to asthma and related traits. Epithelia of several organs express NPSR1 isoforms A and B, including the intestine and the skin, and NPSR1 appears to be upregulated in inflammation. In this study, we used cell lines and tissue samples(More)
Antigliadin antibodies in serum samples of 31 children with coeliac disease were measured by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent technique. In young patients (less than 2 years) tested before gluten withdrawal IgA antigliadin antibody levels were invariably above the levels of 36 controls. The titres fell rapidly when gluten was eliminated from the diet and rose(More)
Coeliac disease may remain undiagnosed because of the non-specific nature of the presenting symptoms. Several antibody tests are claimed as markers for this condition but a direct comparison of the available tests has not been reported. The probands and healthy first-degree relatives of 42 families with coeliac disease were studied. Histological examination(More)
A high prevalence of depressive symptoms, hypothetically related to serotonergic dysfunction, has been reported among adults with celiac disease. The authors used semistructured psychiatric interviews and symptom measurement scales to study mental disorders in 29 adolescents with celiac disease and 29 matched comparison subjects. Relative to the comparison(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate if there is a reduced risk of type 1 diabetes in children breastfed or exclusively breastfed by performing a pooled analysis with adjustment for recognized confounders. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Relevant studies were identified from literature searches using MEDLINE, Web of Science, and EMBASE. Authors of relevant studies were(More)
BACKGROUND Human gastrointestinal mucosa regenerates vigorously throughout life, but the factors controlling cell fate in mature mucosa are poorly understood. GATA transcription factors direct cell proliferation and differentiation in many organs, and are implicated in tumorigenesis. GATA-4 and GATA-6 are considered crucial for the formation of murine(More)
A jejunal biopsy specimen from an asympto-matic 35 year old man was studied because of a low serum titre of reticulin antibody and the finding of coeliac disease in his son. In this specimen villous structure was quite normal as was the total number of intraepithelial lympho-cytes, but the number of y/b T cell receptor bearing lymphocytes was 10 times(More)
BACKGROUND Congenital lactase deficiency (CLD) is a severe gastrointestinal disorder of newborns. The diagnosis is challenging and based on clinical symptoms and low lactase activity in intestinal biopsy specimens. The disease is enriched in Finland but is also present in other parts of the world. Mutations encoding the lactase (LCT) gene have recently been(More)