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We present an applet-based system viewing concept maps on the Web. The input consists of a concept map written in a description language with optional style and layout definitions. The system has numerous applications, because many kinds of graphs, trees, and flowcharts written by humans or generated by other software can be shown in addition to traditional(More)
Concept learning belongs to the fundamental challenges of educational technology. Contrary to the current trend of designing and implementing contents for various web–based virtual courses, concept learning requires cognitive tools rather than digital materials. We introduce a novel scheme to generate computer games from concept maps made by a teacher or a(More)
The aims of this conference were to compare and contrast the structure and curriculum content of undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses in computing in the member states of the EU plus Norway and Iceland, to assess the existing degree of ERASMUS cooperation between universities and the prospects for the future, and to identify core curricula in(More)
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