Erkki J. Brändas

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In this communication we take up the age-old problem of the possibility to incorporate quantum jumps. Unusually, we investigate quantum jumps in an extended quantum setting, but one of rigorous mathematical significance. The general background for this formulation originates in the Balslev-Combes theorem for dilatation analytic Hamiltonians and associated(More)
Cross sections are either represented by generalized asymptotical partial wave expansions or obtained as a spherical average of an appropriate differential cross section. In these cases it is usually assumed that the total scattering cross section, as a property of a scattering object, does not depend on the incident angles. This viewpoint is supported by(More)
Femtosecond, chirped laser pulse-based methods are presented to control coherence in vibrational degrees of freedom in molecules via Raman transitions. The controllability of the methods is analyzed in the presence of fast decoherence and the coupling between vibrational modes. Applications are diverse and include the development of novel imaging techniques(More)
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