Erkay Savaş

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  • Adnan Abdul-Aziz, Gutub, Alexandre F Tenca, Erkay Savaş, Çetin K Koç
  • 2002
Computing the inverse of a number in finite fields GF(p) or GF(2 n) is equally important for cryptographic applications. This paper proposes a novel scalable and unified architecture for a Montgomery inverse hardware that operates in both GF(p) and GF(2 n) fields. We adjust and modify a GF(2 n) Montgomery inverse algorithm to accommodate multi-bit shifting(More)
Information search and retrieval from a remote database (e.g., cloud server) involves a multitude of privacy issues. Submitted search terms and their frequencies, returned responses and order of their relevance, and retrieved data items may contain sensitive information about the users. In this paper, we propose an efficient multi-keyword search scheme that(More)
— In this paper, we propose an attack model against DSR ad hoc network routing protocol and analyze the effects of this attack model on DSR route discovery mechanism. The analysis of the attack model includes a probabilistic formulation to estimate route discovery failure. Simulations are performed to complement the analytic model. Results show that this(More)
Document similarity has important real life applications such as finding duplicate web sites and identifying plagiarism. While the basic techniques such as k-similarity algorithms have been long known, overwhelming amount of data, being collected such as in big data setting, calls for novel algorithms to find highly similar documents in reasonably short(More)
Organizations that run large computer networks should also provide maintenance for the computers on these networks. Nowadays, it is a common practice to outsource this maintenance task to specialized service firms. These service firms may not be considered trustworthy. Therefore, the local administrator password of a local machine that a maintenance(More)
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