Erkan Dilaveroglu

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Extensive efforts have been undertaken to discover genes relevant for breast cancer prognosis. Yet, in current opinion, with little overlap in findings. We aimed to reanalyze molecular prediction of breast cancer recurrence. From 44 published gene lists relevant for breast cancer prognosis, we extracted 374 genes, which, besides other quality criteria, are(More)
R is the leading open source statistics software with a vast number of biostatistical and bioinformatical analysis packages. To exploit the advantages of R, extensive scripting/programming skills are required. We have developed a software tool called R GUI Generator (RGG) which enables the easy generation of Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for the(More)
Heterogeneity in the features, input-output behaviour and user interface for available bioinformatics tools and services is still a bottleneck for both expert and non-expert users. Advancement in providing common interfaces over such tools and services are gaining interest among researchers. However, the lack of (meta-) information about input-output data(More)
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