Erkan Baser

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We propose a novel auxiliary particle probability hypothesis density (AP-PHD) filter that elegantly combines the standard AP-filter with the particle PHD filter. The selection of particles in the proposed AP-PHD filter is based on maximizing the accuracy of the cardinality estimate. Moreover, the resampling is done on each auxiliary variable cluster(More)
The cardinality balanced multi-target multi-Bernoulli (CBMeMBer) filter removes the bias in the expected cardinality observed in the multi-target multi-Bernoulli (MeMBer) data update step. In this paper, a filter that offers a new statistical framework for the MeMBer data update step is proposed. Unlike the CBMeMBer filter, the proposed filter removes the(More)
This paper proposes a joint multitarget (JoM) estimator for the joint target detection and tracking (JoTT) filter. An efficient choice to the unknown JoM estimation constant (i.e., hypervolume around target state estimate) is proposed as a Pareto-optimal solution to a multi-objective nonlinear convex optimization problem. The multi-objective function is(More)
In this paper, the joint multitarget (JoM) estimator proposed for the joint target detection and tracking (JoTT) filter is reformulated for the Gaussian mixture (GM) implementations of the multitarget multi-Bernoulli (MeMBer) filters. For this purpose, a mode-finding algorithm is employed to search for the most significant mode of a GM density. Thus, the(More)
1. An experiment was conducted with 360 Lohmann LSL-Classic White Leghorn layers (64 weeks old) to evaluate the effects of supplementation of microbial phytase on production, egg quality, bone, selected manure parameters and feed costs. 2. Experimental diets were formulated as follows: (1) maize-soybean (CS), (2) CS+300 units of phytase (FTU)/kg diet which(More)
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