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In this section we numerically extend the analytical insights regarding heterogeneous unreliable Tier 2 suppliers derived in the main text to a more general case in which Tier 2 suppliers may di↵er in both procurement cost and disruption risk, which we denote cj and j , j = 1, 2. As in the main text, we assume that 1  2, but the cost parameters may be(More)
W study sourcing in a supply chain with three levels: a manufacturer, tier 1 suppliers, and tier 2 suppliers prone to disruption from, e.g., natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods. The manufacturer may not directly dictate which tier 2 suppliers are used but may influence the sourcing decisions of tier 1 suppliers via contract parameters. The(More)
Authors are encouraged to submit new papers to INFORMS journals by means of a style file template, which includes the journal title. However, use of a template does not certify that the paper has been accepted for publication in the named journal. INFORMS journal templates are for the exclusive purpose of submitting to an INFORMS journal and should not be(More)
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