Erjen van Nierop

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The concept of consideration sets makes brand choice a two-step process. House-holds first construct a consideration set which not necessarily includes all available brands and conditional on this set they make a final choice. In this paper we put forward a parametric econometric model for this two-step process, where we take into account that consideration(More)
We present a statistical model for voter choice that incorporates a consideration set stage and final vote intention stage. The first stage involves a multivariate probit model for the vector of probabilities that a candidate or a party gets considered. The second stage of the model is a multinomial probit model for the actual choice. In both stages we use(More)
We propose a two-stage MRQAP to analyze dynamic network data, within the framework of an equilibrium-correction (EC) model. Extensive simulation results indicate practical relevance of our method and its improvement over standard OLS. An empirical illustration additionally shows that the EC model yields interpretable parameters, in contrast to an(More)
and others for their valuable comments during the development and revision of this manuscript. 1 This paper is a substantial extension of the earlier paper, " Number and Competitors and Dynamic Stability of Competition: Five is a Crowd in the Market Share Attraction Model. " This paper replaces and extends the previous one. Abstract As economists have(More)
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