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Ketamine is an NMDA receptor (NMDAR) antagonist that elicits rapid antidepressant responses in patients with treatment-resistant depression. However, ketamine can also produce psychotomimetic effects that limit its utility as an antidepressant, raising the question of whether the clinically tolerated NMDAR antagonist memantine possesses antidepressant(More)
Major depressive disorder is a devastating mental disorder. Current antidepressant medications can be effective for some patients with depression; however, these drugs exert mood-elevating effects only after prolonged administration, and a sizable fraction of the patient population fails to respond to treatment. There is an urgent need for faster-acting(More)
Lithium is widely used as a treatment for Bipolar Disorder although the molecular mechanisms that underlie its therapeutic effects are under debate. In this study, we show brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is required for the antimanic-like effects of lithium but not the antidepressant-like effects in mice. We performed whole cell patch clamp(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to thank Drs. Kathy and Patrick McKnight for their statistical wisdom and a willingness to share it with me. I would also like to thank Drs. Jane Flinn and Craig McDonald for their valuable input and contributions. This project was completed with the help of other members of the graduate student body, including thanks also to(More)
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