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We have localized LHCP II apoprotein in the Golgi and thylakoids of Euglena gracilis Klebs var. bacillaris Cori and strain Z Pringsheim by electron microscopy using a specific antibody and protein A-gold. Using synchronized cells (light, 14 h:dark, 10 h) we show that thylakoids are always immunoreactive. There is no reaction in the Golgi at 0 h (the(More)
Wax-rich cells of Euglena gracilis Z grown in the dark without agitation were subjected to freeze-substitution procedures in electron microscopy, which gave intact images of wax accumulated as globules in the cytoplasm. The proplastids in these wax-rich cells were shown to contain no extensive internal structures. When these cells were transferred to an(More)
Cells of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Dangeard were synchronized under a 12 hour:12 hour light:dark regimen. Behavior of mitochondria in these cells was studied by fluorescence microscopy using a mitochondrial membrane-binding fluorescent dye, dimethylaminostyrylmethyl-pyridiniumiodine (DASMPI), as well as by electron microscopy. Following time courses of(More)
Like other green photosynthetic eukaryotes, cells of Euglena gracilis var. bacillaris and strain Z contain a light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b complex associated with photosystem II. In Euglena, the formation of the 26.5 kDa principal light-harvesting chlorophyll a/b binding protein of photosystem II (LHCP II) has a number of unusual features. The precursors(More)