Erin Trudeau

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OBJECTIVE The National Cancer Institute (Rockville, Md) has launched a nationwide initiative--5 A Day for Better Health--to encourage consumption of fruits and vegetables. Because the tastes and culinary uses of fruits and vegetables differ, however, it is not known whether a general 5-A-Day message is an effective intervention strategy. This study examined(More)
Interleukin (IL)-10 is elevated in cancer and is thought to contribute to immune tolerance and tumor growth. Defying these expectations, the adoptive transfer of IL-10-expressing T cells to mice with polyposis attenuates microbial-induced inflammation and suppresses polyposis. To gain better insights into how IL-10 impacts polyposis, we genetically ablated(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe scales that measure motivations for changing dietary behaviour, and to examine associations of these scales with current diet and dietary change. DESIGN A secondary analysis of a randomised trial of a self-help intervention to promote lower fat and higher fruit and vegetable consumption. PARTICIPANTS AND SETTING Participants were(More)
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