Erin Stephens

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Exposure to carcinogens present in the diet, cigarette smoke, or the environment may be associated with increased risk of colorectal cancer. Aromatic amines (aryl- and heterocyclic) are a class of carcinogens that are important in these exposures. These compounds can be N- or O-acetylated by the NAT1 or NAT2 enzymes, resulting in activation or in some cases(More)
Here, we describe partial calibration of a parsimonious mathematical model of growth hormone (GH) secretion. From first principles, we derived a model of the effects on GH secretion from pituitary somatotrophs of stimulation by GH-releasing factor (GRF) or GH secretagogue, and of inhibition by somatostatin. We obtained a concise model by collapsing the many(More)
Objectives: This study aims to apply knowledge about bat foraging and feeding behavior to quantify the impact of bats on European Corn Borer (ECB) within cornfields. Specifically, the objectives of the study are: (1) to determine if ECB oviposition and damage within a cornfield are correlated with bat activity and (2) to determine if increasing local bat(More)
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