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The formation of the atherosclerotic lesion is a complex process influenced by an array of inflammatory and lipid metabolism pathways. We previously demonstrated that NR4A nuclear receptors are highly induced in macrophages in response to inflammatory stimuli and modulate the expression of genes linked to inflammation in vitro. Here we used mouse genetic(More)
· Please reference the document title (Conducting a DG Assessment: A Framework for Strategy Development) and document identification number (PN-ACH-305). · USAID employees, USAID contractors overseas, and USAID sponsored organizations overseas may order documents at no charge. · Universities, research centers, government offices, and other institutions(More)
Nuclear hormone receptors (NRs) regulate physiology by sensing lipophilic ligands and adapting cellular transcription appropriately. A growing understanding of the impact of circadian clocks on mammalian transcription has sparked interest in the interregulation of transcriptional programs. Mammalian clocks are based on a transcriptional feedback loop(More)
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