Erin Smith

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Complex traits typically involve the contribution of multiple gene variants. In this study, we took advantage of a high-density genotyping analysis of the BY (S288c) and RM strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and of 123 derived spore progeny to identify the genetic loci that underlie a complex DNA repair sensitivity phenotype. This was accomplished by(More)
Leukocyte telomere length (LTL) is associated with a number of common age-related diseases and is a heritable trait. Previous genome-wide association studies (GWASs) identified two loci on chromosomes 3q26.2 (TERC) and 10q24.33 (OBFC1) that are associated with the inter-individual LTL variation. We performed a meta-analysis of 9190 individuals from six(More)
INTRODUCTION The potential for disasters exists in all communities. To mitigate the potential catastrophes that confront humanity in the new millennium, an evidence-based approach to disaster management is required urgently. This study moves toward such an evidence-based approach by identifying peer-reviewed publications following a range of disasters and(More)
The purpose of this review was to determine the degree to which physical activity interventions for Latin American populations reported on internal and external validity factors using the RE-AIM framework (reach & representativeness, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, maintenance). We systematically identified English (PubMed; EbscoHost) and Spanish(More)
AIMS To determine if computed tomographic pulmonary angiography (CTPA) was overemployed in the evaluation of hospitalized patients with suspected acute pulmonary embolism (PE). METHODS Data were gathered retrospectively on hospitalized patients (n=185) who had CTPA for suspected PE between June and August 2009 at our institution. RESULTS CTPA was done(More)
The lack of disease-specific triage-management protocols that address the unique aspects of a pandemic places emergency medical services, and specifically, emergency medical services practitioners, at great risk. Without adequate protocols, the emergency health system will risk needless exposure, loss of functional capacity, and inappropriately triaged(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Reduced walking speed in older adults is associated with adverse health outcomes. This review aims to examine the effect of a cognitive dual-task on the gait speed of community-dwelling older adults with no significant pathology affecting gait. DATA SOURCES AND STUDY SELECTION Electronic database searches were performed in, Web of(More)
  • Katharina Schramm, Rottenburg Skinner, Richard, Tulio C Lins, Rodrigo G Vieira, Abreu +19 others
  • 2015
Genetic heterogeneity of self­reported ancestry groups in an admixed Brazilian population. Abstract: Population stratification is the main source of spurious results and poor reproducibility in genetic association findings. Population heterogeneity can be controlled for by grouping individuals in ethnic clusters; however, in admixed populations, there is(More)
  • Cynthia Delaney, Erin Smith, Lauren Bowen, Keith Berry, Ronald Strickland, Bormann Burke
  • 2015
I cannot express a deeper gratitude to my advisor, Diane, and my committee members, Erin and Lauren, I've learned so much from you in the past two years. To Keith for your assistance and for believing in this project! All of your support, patience, and guidance helped me maximize my education at Michigan Tech; Thank you for being on my team. To Ann, I(More)
This paper describes the collection of real-world gait data in a cohort of 7 community living older adults, who have fallen at least once in the previous year, while they live in a smart apartment for four days. It describes the approach used to collect various gait metrics, from inertial sensors placed on the lower shanks, where gait bouts can be(More)