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This paper presents a new approach to the design and implementation of community change efforts like a System of Care. Called the ABLe Change Framework, the model provides simultaneous attention to the content and process of the work, ensuring effective implementation and the pursuit of systems change. Three key strategies are employed in this model to(More)
It is well established that some individuals with temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) demonstrate language deficits at the single word level. However, discourse production rarely has been examined quantitatively within this group. This study compared adult TLE patients with an early seizure onset (< or = age 14 years, n = 27) to a control group (n = 28) on(More)
Many community decision-making bodies encounter challenges in creating conditions where stakeholders from disadvantaged populations can authentically participate in ways that give them actual influence over decisions affecting their lives (Foster-Fishman et al., Lessons for the journey: Strategies and suggestions for guiding planning, governance, and(More)
Forty patients with stage III and 15 patients with stage IVa carcinoma of cervix have been treated with two pulses of cisplatin, vincristine and bleomycin combination chemotherapy before full dose radical radiotherapy. Twenty-seven of 51 (53%, 95% confidence interval 40-67%) had an objective response to chemotherapy and all chemotherapy responders had a(More)
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