Erin R Shanahan

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Despite considerable research efforts towards effective treatments, tuberculosis (TB) remains a staggering burden on global health. Suitably formulated sub-unit vaccines offer potential as safe and effective generators of protective immunity. The Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens, cutinase-like proteins (Culp) 1 and 6 and MPT83, were conjugated directly(More)
New therapies to control tuberculosis are urgently required because of the inability of the only available vaccine, BCG, to adequately protect against tuberculosis. Here we demonstrate that proteins of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis sulfate-assimilation pathway (SAP) represent major immunogenic targets of the bacillus, as defined by strong T-cell(More)
Infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis continues to be a leading cause of death in many regions of the world, and control of this disease is hampered by the lack of a safe and effective vaccine. Secreted proteins of M. tuberculosis are an important group of antigens for subunit vaccines which target this infection. We have tested three secreted members(More)
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