Erin R Cernkovich

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To determine the role of STAT3 in adipose tissue, we used Cre-loxP DNA recombination to create mice with an adipocyte-specific disruption of the STAT3 gene (ASKO mice). aP2-Cre-driven disappearance of STAT3 expression occurred on d 6 of adipogenesis, a time point when preadipocytes have already undergone conversion to adipocytes. Thus, this knockout model(More)
Mitotic clonal expansion is believed to be necessary for 3T3-L1 adipocyte formation. Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3), a mitogenic signaling protein, is activated through tyrosine phosphorylation during the proliferative phases of adipogenesis. We hypothesize that this signaling protein plays a key role in mitotic clonal expansion(More)
A CUTE GASTROENTERITIS (GE) IS A COMMON childhoodillness. Althoughchildrenwith GEfrequentlyhavevomiting, current practice recommendations for pediatric GE do not include pharmacologic treatment for vomiting. Furthermore, experimental studies of medications to treat pediatric GE-associated vomiting are limited. In this issue of the Archives, DeCamp et al(More)
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