Erin Pelletier

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A liquid chromatographic method is described for the simultaneous determination of tributyltin (TBT) and the hydroxylated intermediate 4-hydroxybutyldibutyltin (OHBuDBT). Separation was achieved in reverse phase mode on a cyanopropyl-bonded silica column under a gradient elution. Various organic solvents and additives were tested and the optimum composition(More)
The order-disorder conformational transition of kappa-carrageenan, induced by both electrolyte and temperature, was found to give rise to significantly different rheological properties under shear flow, extensional flow, and small deformation oscillation regimes. Shear flow displayed only shear thinning or Newtonian behavior, depending of the chain(More)
The rheological properties of a moderately concentrated solution of xanthan gum in both the ordered and the disordered state have been studied. Oscillatory shear, steady shear flow, and extensional flow experiments have been performed at different temperatures, covering the order-disorder transition determined by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether the ability to haptically perceive object height is a function of the length of cane being wielded by blindfolded individuals. METHOD Fifteen sighted females between the ages of 18 and 25 years volunteered to participate in the study. Five different heights of wooden blocks were haptically(More)
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