Erin Patrick

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We report a neural microelectrode array design that leverages the recording properties of conventional microwire electrode arrays with the additional features of precise control of the electrode geometries. Using microfabrication techniques, a neural probe array is fabricated that possesses a flexible polyimide-based cable. The performance of the design was(More)
Changes in biotic and abiotic factors can be reflected in the complex impedance spectrum of the microelectrodes chronically implanted into the neural tissue. The recording surface of the tungsten electrode in vivo undergoes abiotic changes due to recording site corrosion and insulation delamination as well as biotic changes due to tissue encapsulation as a(More)
— The long-term goal in the design of Brain-Machine Interfaces is to restore communication and control to unrestrained individuals. One of the great challenges in this effort is to develop implantable systems that are capable of processing the activity of large ensembles of cortical neurons. Here, we present the design, fabrication, and testing of a(More)
One of the important challenges in designing Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMI) is to build implantable systems that have the ability to reliably process the activity of large ensembles of cortical neurons. In this paper, we report the design, fabrication, and testing of a polyimide-based microelectrode array integrated with a low-power amplifier as part of the(More)
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