Erin Mathieu

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BACKGROUND Many women who have participated in mammography screening are now approaching 70 years of age. These women are advised to consider both the benefits and harms of continuing to be screened. Doing so may be difficult for individual women, and there are no evaluated decision support tools to assist them. METHODS To assess the effect of a decision(More)
BACKGROUND Falls are one of the most common health problems among older people and pose a major economic burden on health care systems. Exercise is an accepted stand-alone fall prevention strategy particularly if it is balance training or regular participation in Tai chi. Dance shares the 'holistic' approach of practices such as Tai chi. It is a complex(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of a decision aid (DA) on women's knowledge of the benefits and harms of screening and on their ability to make an informed decision. METHODS An online randomized controlled trial among 321 women aged 38-45 years was conducted. Participants were randomized to either immediate or delayed access to the online DA which (i)(More)
BACKGROUND The internet is increasingly being used to conduct randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Knowledge of the types of interventions evaluated and the methodological quality of these trials could inform decisions about whether to conduct future trials using conventional methods, fully online or a mixture of the two. OBJECTIVE To identify and(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of stretching before and after physical activity on risks of injury and soreness in a community population. DESIGN Internet-based pragmatic randomised trial conducted between January 2008 and January 2009. SETTING International. PARTICIPANTS A total of 2377 adults who regularly participated in physical activity. (More)
CONTEXT Vigorous physical activity is thought to increase risk of bleeds in children with hemophilia, but the magnitude of the risk is unknown. OBJECTIVE To quantify the transient increase in risk of bleeds associated with physical activity in children with hemophilia. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS A case-crossover study nested within a prospective(More)
BACKGROUND Use of the Internet to conduct randomised controlled trials is increasing, and provides potential to increase equity of access to medical research, increase the generalisability of trial results and decrease the costs involved in conducting large scale trials. Several studies have compared response rates, completeness of data, and reliability of(More)
BACKGROUND The prevention of falls among older people is a major public health challenge. Exercises that challenge balance are recognized as an efficacious fall prevention strategy. Given that small-scale trials have indicated that diverse dance styles can improve balance and gait of older adults, two of the strongest risk factors for falls in older people,(More)
OBJECTIVES To explore the theoretical justification for blinding in randomized trials and make recommendations concerning the implementation and interpretation of blinded randomized trials. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING A theoretical analysis was conducted of the potential for bias in randomized trials with successful blinding (ie, trials in which beliefs(More)