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STUDY OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effect of an employer-mandated obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) program on the risk of serious preventable truck crashes. METHODS Data are from the first large-scale, employer-mandated program to screen, diagnose, and monitor OSA treatment adherence in the US trucking industry. A retrospective analysis of cohorts was(More)
The first reported case of infection of the lung and bone with Yersinia enterocolitica is described. This organism has only recently been known to infect humans. Although a wide spectrum of diseases has been described, all have appeared to be relatively benign; however, in our case a rapid necrotizing process occurred. Therefore, the aggressive nature of(More)
Cecropins are antimicrobial peptides (30-35 amino acids) isolated from the hemolymph of the cecropia moth. Previous studies have demonstrated their antimicrobial efficacy against a variety of pathogens, including both gram-positive and -negative bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and enveloped viruses. To assess their therapeutic potential against ocular pathogens,(More)