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This article describes major topics discussed from the 'Economics of Physical Inactivity Consensus Workshop' (EPIC), held in Vancouver, Canada, in April 2011. Specifically, we (1) detail existing evidence on effective physical inactivity prevention strategies; (2) introduce economic evaluation and its role in health policy decisions; (3) discuss key(More)
Determining mobility status is an important component of any health assessment for older adults. In order for a mobility measure to be relevant and meaningful, normative data are required for comparison to a healthy reference population. The DEMMI is the first mobility instrument to measure mobility across the spectrum from bed bound to functional levels of(More)
BACKGROUND Fall-related hip fractures result in significant personal and societal consequences; importantly, up to half of older adults with hip fracture never regain their previous level of mobility. Strategies of follow-up care for older adults after fracture have improved investigation for osteoporosis; but managing bone health alone is not enough.(More)
Western Washington University for providing funding to purchase necessary materials for this project. I am grateful to Erin Macri and Scientific Technical Services at WWU for devoting time and resources towards teaching me to use the Scanning Electron Microscope. My fellow toxicology classmates deserve a warm thank you as well for the comradery which helped(More)
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