Erin M. Hill

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We report a cross-sectional study comparing the health-related quality of life (HRQOL) of individuals residing in the proximity of a wind farm to those residing in a demographically matched area sufficiently displaced from wind turbines. The study employed a nonequivalent comparison group posttest-only design. Self-administered questionnaires, which(More)
This study investigates body esteem factors (weight-esteem and appearance-esteem) as mediators of the relationship between 'internalization of the ideal body figure' and disordered eating behaviors (restrained, emotional and external eating) in a community sample of adolescent males (n=810) and females (n=1137) from the Ontario Research on Eating and(More)
Depression is a major public health concern worldwide. There is evidence that social support and befriending influence mental health, and an improved understanding of the social processes that drive depression has the potential to bring significant public health benefits. We investigate transmission of mood on a social network of adolescents, allowing(More)
The present study explored the role of attachment insecurity in cervical screening behaviors and barriers in a sample of 257 female undergraduates. Information on attachment dimensions as well as attachment style was collected. Attachment anxiety and attachment avoidance were associated with decreased likelihood of having participated in cervical screening(More)
The concept of noise sensitivity emerged in public health and psychoacoustic research to help explain individual differences in reactions to noise. Noise sensitivity has been associated with health problems, but the mechanisms underlying this relationship have yet to be fully examined. Participants (n = 1102) were residents of Auckland, New Zealand, who(More)
The present study examined the role of social support and rumination (deliberate vs. intrusive) in posttraumatic growth (PTG), psychological distress (PD), and psychological well-being (PWB) among women with ovarian cancer. Sixty-seven women who had experienced ovarian cancer were recruited through social media and cancer-related websites, and completed an(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o The present study examined the role of the big five personality dimensions and altruism in organ donation attitudes (ODA), intentions to register, and organ donor status using a sample of 336 college undergraduates. Participants completed questionnaires that assessed the big five personality dimensions, altruism, ODA, and non-donors(More)
The purpose of the present study was to examine the role of emotional and instrumental social support seeking in the quality of life (QOL) and mental health of women with ovarian cancer. Participants were recruited through the Pennsylvania Cancer Registry, and one hundred women took part in a mail questionnaire that collected information on their(More)