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Vibrio cholerae is the agent of the severe diarrheal disease cholera, and it perpetuates in aquatic reservoirs when not in the host. Within the host's intestines, the bacteria execute a complex regulatory pathway culminating with the production of virulence factors that allow colonization and cause disease. The ability of V. cholerae to form biofilms is(More)
Pathogenic bacteria, such as Vibrio cholerae, must be capable of adapting to diverse living conditions, especially when transitioning from life in environmental reservoirs to life in a host. The abilities to sense arrival at a site suitable for colonization or infection and to respond with appropriate alterations in gene expression are crucial for a(More)
A Capnocytophaga sp. was inadvertently isolated from a cat with chronic sinusitis and rhinitis when cytopathic effects were observed in Crandall-Reese feline kidney cells that had been inoculated with oropharyngeal swab samples. Although Capnocytophaga spp. are of considerable zoonotic importance, their clinical relevance for dogs or cats has not been(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim was to evaluate electromyographically the validity of the sit-up section of the Army Physical Fitness Test as a way to assess abdominal endurance. METHODS Twenty-eight Reserve Officer Training Corps students at the University of Scranton (Scranton, PA) performed the test while eight electromyography surface electrodes picked up the(More)
The views expressed in the HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of the John F. Kennedy School of Government or of Harvard University. Faculty Research Working Papers have not undergone formal review and approval. Such papers are included in this series to elicit feedback and to encourage(More)
s / Association of Institutes for Bee Research Seminar 483 8. Effects of colony splitting on population development and health status of honey bee colonies. I. Illies, R. Siede, R. Büchler Effekte der Jungvolkbildung auf die Entwicklung und Krankheitsbelastung von Bienenvölkern. Effets de la division des colonies sur le développement et l’état sanitaire des(More)
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