Erin L. Weber

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The lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCMV) structural glycoproteins GP-1 (Mr 44K) and GP-2 (Mr 35K) are encoded on a single intracellular proteolytic cleavage precursor glycoprotein, GP-C (Mr 76K). We have used a series of synthetic peptides derived from the deduced amino acid sequence of LCMV GP-C to define an antigenic site containing two(More)
The variability of the 5' untranslated genomic region (5'UTR) of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV) RNA obtained from a single individual was analysed. Lung, kidney and spleen tissues from a naturally infected foetus were used as the source of viral RNA. A fragment of 288 bases of the internal ribosome entry site from the BVDV 5'UTR was amplified by RT-PCR(More)
Bovine pestiviruses (Bovine Viral Diarrea Virus 1 (BVDV 1) and Bovine Viral Diarrea Virus 2 (BVDV 2)) belong to the genus Pestivirus (Flaviviridae), which is composed of positive stranded RNA viruses causing significant economic losses world-wide. We used phylogenetic and bootstrap analyses to systematically scan alignments of previously sequenced genomes(More)
The ability to synthesize an organ de novo is the ultimate goal of regenerative medicine. Given the difficulty, it is reasonable to first attempt tissue regeneration with a miniorgan, such as the hair follicle. Hair follicles (HF) undergo physiologic cyclical regeneration and cellular components exhibit robust regenerative capabilities (1, 2). The molecular(More)
Gene expression from retroviral vectors can be driven by either the retroviral long terminal repeat (LTR) promoter or by cellular or viral promoters located internally in an LTR-deleted self-inactivating vector design. Adverse events in a gene therapy clinical trial for X-linked severe combined immune deficiency have led to the realization that the(More)
An eosinophil chemotactic activity was identified in extracts of tumour tissue and cerebrospinal fluid from a patient with a histiocytic lymphoma of the brain and spinal cord that was infiltrated extensively with eosinophils and associated with peripheral blood eosinophilia. The histiocytic lymphoma-derived eosinophils chemotactic factor, termed ECF-HL,(More)
Twenty marmosets, male Callithrix jacchus, were used during this study. Fifteen of the marmosets were inoculated with 5,000 TCID50 of the attenuated XJC13 strain of Junin virus by intramuscular route and five were left as uninoculated controls. Animals were observed for a 420-day period. In order to carry out virologic, hematologic, serologic, and(More)
BACKGROUND Rehearsal is an essential part of mastering any technical skill. The efficacy of surgical rehearsal is currently limited by low fidelity simulation models. Fresh cadaver models, however, offer maximal surgical simulation. We hypothesize that preoperative surgical rehearsal using fresh tissue surgical simulation will improve resident confidence(More)
PURPOSE: Open deep tissue wounds commonly result from severe burns, trauma, chronic diseases, irradiation, and infection. Autologous tissue transfer remains the gold standard for surgical reconstruction, but unfortunately can come with significant complications. The development of an on-demand, geometrically tunable tissue engineered substitute with an(More)