Erin L. Krupka

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Identifying Social Norms Using Coordination Games: Why Does Dictator Game Sharing Vary? We explore the influence of social norms on behavior. To do so, we introduce a method for identifying norms, based on the property that social norms reflect social consensus regarding the appropriateness of different possible behaviors. We demonstrate that the norms we(More)
0167-4870/$ see front matter 2009 Published b doi:10.1016/j.joep.2008.11.005 * Corresponding author. Tel.: +49 228 3894 401; E-mail address: (E. Krupka). 1 See, for instance, Arrow (1971), Yaari and Bar-Hi Reno, and Kallgren (1990), Sunstein (1996), Kallgren, and Fehr (2004), Bicchieri (2005) and Kreps (1997). 2 For instance, in 2004 the(More)
Nudging behaviors through user interface design is a practice that is well-studied in HCI research. Corporations often use this knowledge to modify online interfaces to influence user information disclosure. In this paper, we experimentally test the impact of a norm-shaping design patterns on information divulging behavior. We show that (1) a set of images,(More)
While monitoring and regulation can be used to combat socially costly unethical conduct, their intended targets are often able to avoid regulation or hide their behavior. This surrenders at least part of the effectiveness of regulatory policies to firms’ and individuals’ decisions to voluntarily submit to regulation. We study individuals’ decisions to avoid(More)