Erin L. K. S. Erskine

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BACKGROUND Tamoxifen (TAM) is an important cancer therapeutic and an experimental tool for effecting genetic recombination using the inducible Cre-Lox technique. Despite its widespread use in the clinic and laboratory, we know little about its effects on the nervous system. This is of significant concern because TAM, via unknown mechanisms, induces(More)
Neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury (SCI) is notoriously difficult to treat and is a high priority for many in the SCI population. Resolving this issue requires animal models fidelic to the clinical situation in terms of injury mechanism and pain phenotype. This Review discusses the means by which neuropathic pain has been induced and measured in(More)
Blood and tap-water lead levels were examined in 135 hypertensives and 135 age and sex matched normotensives. Among male hypertensives there was a significant excess of cases with high blood-lead levels and a similar but statistically non-significant trend was found amongst female hypertensives. A positive correlation was found between blood-lead and(More)
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