Erin L Burns

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Lexical-semantic knowledge is a core language component that undergoes prolonged development throughout childhood and is therefore highly amenable to developmental studies. Most previous lexical-semantic functional MRI (fMRI) studies have been limited to single-word or word-pair tasks, outside a sentence context. Our objective was to investigate the(More)
A fourth component, 3,11-dimethyi-2-heptacosanone, was identified as a cuticular contact sex pheromone of the female German cockroach,Blattella germanica. In behavioral assays, higher dosages of 3,11-dimethyl-2-heptacosanone were needed to elicit similar sexual responses in males to those elicited by the major pheromone component,(More)
Anecdotal evidence suggests that speakers often gaze away from their listeners during sarcastic utterances; however, this question has not been directly addressed empirically. This study systematically compared gaze-direction of speakers in dyadic conversation when uttering sincere and sarcastic statements. 18 naïve participants were required to recite a(More)
The corpora allata (CA) of ovariectomized adult Blattella germanica females exhibited delayed but high rates of juvenile hormone biosynthesis in vitro. Using the onset of sexual receptivity as a probe of the degree of CA activation in females, we demonstrated at least one cycle of CA activity in the experimentally synchronized ovariectomized females.(More)
UNLABELLED One remarkable characteristic of speech comprehension in typically developing (TD) children and adults is the speed with which the listener can integrate information across multiple lexical items to anticipate upcoming referents. Although children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI) show lexical deficits (Sheng & McGregor, 2010) and slower(More)
The corpus allatum (CA) cells of adult Blattella germanica females undergo cyclic volumetric changes in relation to juvenile hormone (JH) synthesis. In intact females the size of CA cells changes synchronously during the gonotrophic cycle, resulting in cyclic JH synthesis. In ovariectomized females volumetric changes among CA cells become asynchronous,(More)
Changes in the number of corpus allatum (CA) cells were investigated in nymphs and in intact and ovariectomized adult female Blattella germanica. The CA of intact adult females exhibit cyclic changes in volume in relation to juvenile hormone (JH) synthesis, while the CA of ovariectomized females become significantly hypertrophied as a result of a gradual(More)
  • Research Showcase, Cmu, Lauren Alyse Fleishman, Lauren Fleishman, Alyse, Jay Apt +20 others
  • 2015
Addition thanks to the many community groups and teachers for their participation. would most like to thank my co-advisors: Wändi and Granger, thanks for your constant support and guidance. This research would not have been possible without you and I feel very fortunate to have had such attentive advisors who believed in me and pushed me to achieve more(More)
The pirate hides the treasure The dog chases the cat. Online measurement of sentential comprehension: • Participants completed an experimental task modeled after Kamide, Altmann and Haywood (2003). • In this task, (see Figure 1) participants hear simple, five-word sentences containing an Agent, Action and Object as they view images containing four objects.(More)
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