Erin L. Buchanan

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Sir, Riveira-Muñoz et al. recently reported that HIV-1 elite suppressors (ES), who maintain low viral loads without pharmacological intervention, also maintain higher levels of restriction factor SAMHD1 transcript than either healthy donors (HD) or viraemic progressors (VP) in PBMCs. This compelling finding applied to individuals with and without protective(More)
Pilakka-Kanthikeel et al. recently reported higher levels of the retroviral restriction factor sterile alpha motif and histidine/aspartic acid domain-containing protein 1 (SAMHD1) in astrocytes than in microglia, suggesting that SAMHD1 levels might explain in part the relatively refractory nature of astrocytes to retroviral replication. These findings are(More)
Restriction of HIV-1 in myeloid-lineage cells is attributed in part to the nucleotidase activity of the SAM-domain and HD-domain containing protein (SAMHD1), which depletes free nucleotides, blocking reverse transcription. In the same cells, the Vpx protein of HIV-2 and most SIVs counteracts SAMHD1. Both Type I and II interferons may stimulate SAMHD1(More)
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