Erin Kwang

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We demonstrate a systematic and rational approach to create a library of natural and modified, dialkylated amino acids based upon arginine for development of an efficient small interfering RNA (siRNA) delivery system. These amino acids, designated DiLA₂ compounds, in conjunction with other components, demonstrate unique properties for assembly into(More)
Harnessing RNA interference (RNAi) to silence aberrant gene expression is an emerging approach in cancer therapy. Selective inhibition of an overexpressed gene via RNAi requires a highly efficacious, target-specific short interfering RNA (siRNA) and a safe and efficient delivery system. We have developed siRNA constructs (UsiRNA) that contain unlocked(More)
permits non-commercial use, distribution and reproduction of the article, provided the original work is appropriately acknowledged with correct citation details. Abstract The Argonaute proteins constitute a highly conserved family of nucleic acid-binding proteins whose members have been implicated in RNA interference (RNAi) and related phenomena in several(More)
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