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SUMMARY A study into geographical variability of reproductive health outcomes (e.g. birth-weight) in Upper Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, benefits from geostatistical mapping or kriging. However, also observed are a number of continuous covariates (e.g. maternal age) that exhibit pronounced non-linear relationships with the response variable. To properly(More)
BACKGROUND Alzheimer disease (AD) neuropathology is present in Down syndrome (DS) after age 35, but dementia onset varies from ages 40 to 70 years. Because of small sample sizes and nonuniform determination of dementia, previous studies produced differing results on the influence of APOE subtypes on AD in DS. OBJECTIVE To determine the influence of the(More)
Cluster randomization trials in which families are the unit of allocation are commonly adopted for the evaluation of disease prevention interventions. Sample size estimation for cluster randomization trials depends on parameters that quantify the variability within and between clusters and the variability in cluster size. Accurate advance estimates of these(More)
We report on the simultaneous observation of spontaneous symmetry breaking and long-range spatial coherence both in the strong- and the weak-coupling regime in a semiconductor microcavity. Under pulsed excitation, the formation of a stochastic order parameter is observed in polariton and photon lasing regimes. Single-shot measurements of the Stokes vector(More)
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