Erin K van Olden

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Signaling molecules such as Cdc42 and mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPKs) can function in multiple pathways in the same cell. Here, we propose one mechanism by which such factors may be directed to function in a particular pathway such that a specific response is elicited. Using genomic approaches, we identify a new component of the Cdc42- and(More)
We present here the description of genes coding for molluscan hemocyanins. Two distantly related mollusks, Haliotis tuberculata and Octopus dofleini, were studied. The typical architecture of a molluscan hemocyanin subunit, which is a string of seven or eight globular functional units (FUs, designated a to h, about 50 kDa each), is reflected by the gene(More)
In contrast to small allosteric systems (like hemoglobin) those containing very large numbers (n) of binding sites never exhibit cooperativity (as measured by the Hill coefficient, nH) even approaching the potential limit, n. The reason for this appears to be that in such macromolecules the cooperative unit always represents some sub-structure of the entire(More)
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