Erin Hennegan Strasser

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Avian reproductive success depends on favorable nesting environment and physiological conditions. Both external and endogenous factors can contribute to egg loss, chick mortality, or poor parental care that results in nest failure. I examined whether habitat type, habitat quality and individual quality (hereafter quality), or human disturbance affect(More)
How nestling birds respond to stressful situations may constitute an important survival component that has lasting developmental effects on the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis. As birds are exposed to increasing amounts of potential anthropogenic stressors through land use change, understanding how these factors contribute to HPA development is(More)
In wild birds, the proximate and ultimate factors that affect circulating carotenoid concentrations remain poorly understood. We studied variation in plasma carotenoid concentrations across several scales: annual, seasonal, pair, territory and individual, and evaluated whether carotenoid levels explained reproductive outcome of wild American kestrels (Falco(More)
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