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BACKGROUND Clinical studies have shown faster disease progression and stronger immune activation in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-1-infected females when compared with males for the same level of HIV-1 replication. Here we determine whether the elevated levels of HIV-1-induced interferon-alpha (IFN-α) production observed in females are associated with(More)
OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN The objective of this study was to determine changes in toll-like receptor (TLR) responses of monocytes, myeloid dendritic cells and plasmacytoid dendritic cells during primary and chronic HIV-1 infection. TLRs serve as important innate receptors to sense pathogens, and have been implicated in mediating immune activation in HIV-1(More)
Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is unique among RNA viruses in its ability to establish chronic infection in the majority of exposed adults. HCV persists in the liver despite interferon (IFN)-stimulated gene (ISG) induction; robust induction actually predicts treatment failure and viral persistence. It is unclear which forms of HCV RNA are associated with ISG(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) with or without human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) achieve high sustained virological response (SVR) rates on sofosbuvir (SOF)-containing regimens in clinical trials. Real world data on patients coinfected with HCV and HIV treated with SOF-based regimens are lacking. METHODS This observational cohort study(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Although patients infected by genotype 1b hepatitis C virus (HCV) with Q(70) and/or M(91)core gene mutations have an almost five-fold increased risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and increased insulin resistance, the absence of a suitable experimental system has precluded direct experimentation on the effects of these(More)
A large crater has been discovered on the sea floor, Gulf of Mexico, in a water depth of 2176 meters. Deep-tow high-resolution imagery shows that the crater is cut into a low hill surrounded by near-surface concentric faults. Approximately 2 million cubic meters of ejected sediment forms a peripheral debris field. The low hill and faults may be related to(More)
A detailed high-resolution geophysical study of part of the continental slope along the mid-Atlantic margin of the United States indicates that it is an ancient, relict landscape largely unmodified by modern slope processes. The slope morphology is heavily influenced by bedrock outcrops, including joints and bedding planes, rather than by any single(More)
Mutations at positions 70 and/or 91 in the core protein of genotype-1b, hepatitis C virus (HCV) are associated with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) risk in Asian patients. To evaluate this in a US population, the relationship between the percentage of 70 and/or 91 mutant HCV quasispecies in baseline serum samples of chronic HCV patients from the HALT-C trial(More)
Best known for their anti-resorptive activity in bone, bisphosphonates (BPs) have generated interest as potential antineoplastic agents given their pleiotropic biological effects which include antiproliferative, antiangiogenic and immune-modulating properties. Clinical studies in multiple malignancies suggest that BPs may be active in the prevention or(More)
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