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Cortex of the upper bank of the superior temporal sulcus (STS) in macaque monkeys, termed the superior temporal polysensory (STP) region, corresponds largely to architectonic area TPO and is connectionally distinct from adjacent visual areas. To investigate whether or not the STP region contains separate subdivisions, immunostaining for parvalbumin and(More)
Design characteristics and performance are described for a low-temperature multiple-reflection cell used with a laser diode spectrometer. The optical pathlength can be varied from 0.04 km to 1.5 km in the temperature controlled cell from 160 K to 300 K. Examples are presented to illustrate pressure broadening in the 16 mum N(2)O band and to indicate some(More)
GNSS RO utilizes the various navigation satellite systems as signal sources for atmospheric remote sensing. The frequency stability of the signals emitted by GNSS satellites is tied to the stability of the atomic frequency standards (AFS) they carry onboard and is thus critical to the quality of the atmospheric profiles derived from the occultation(More)
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