Erin G. Roberts

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In gnathostomes there is remarkable consistency in the organization of the proenkephalin gene. This opioid precursor encodes seven opioid (YGGF) sequences: five pentapeptide sequences, a met-enkephalin-7 sequence and a met-enkephalin-8 sequence. Yet, within vertebrate lineages there can be distinct sets of pentapeptide opioids (YGGFM or YGGFL). In the(More)
Complex hierarchical organization is a hallmark of tissues and their subsequent integration into organs. A major challenge in tissue engineering is to generate arrays of cells with defined structural organization that display appropriate functional properties. Given what is known about cellular responses to physiochemical cues from the surrounding(More)
Suspension-feeding fishes such as goldfish and whale sharks retain prey without clogging their oral filters, whereas clogging is a major expense in industrial crossflow filtration of beer, dairy foods and biotechnology products. Fishes' abilities to retain particles that are smaller than the pore size of the gill-raker filter, including extraction of(More)
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