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Gluconeogenesis is critical for maintenance of euglycemia during fasting. Elevated gluconeogenesis during type 2 diabetes (T2D) contributes to chronic hyperglycemia. Pyruvate is a major gluconeogenic substrate and requires import into the mitochondrial matrix for channeling into gluconeogenesis. Here, we demonstrate that the mitochondrial pyruvate carrier(More)
Based on clinical similarities with schizophrenics and previous computed tomography (CT) studies that found distinct structural abnormalities in the brains of bipolar patients, we evaluated 26 DSM-III bipolar patients and 22 controls by CT, using quantitative measures of ventricular and sulcal size and of cerebral parenchymal density. Third ventricle size(More)
Organic solvent inhalation leading to intoxication has become an important medical problem. Pulmonary function studies were performed on 42 young (ages 11-31) solvent inhalers and on 20 controls (ages 10-26). Ventilatory studies were normal in the majority, but residual volumes of inhalers were significantly higher (136.26% +/- 32.64% S.C.) than in controls(More)
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