Erin E Hillard

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More than 50% of spontaneous abortions (SAs) have abnormal chromosomes; the most common abnormalities are trisomy, sex chromosome monosomy, and polyploidy. Conventional cytogenetic analysis of SAs depends on tissue culturing and is associated with a significant tissue culture failure rate and contamination by maternally derived cells. Comparative genomic(More)
Briefly imagining, paraphrasing, or explaining an event causes people to increase their confidence that this event occurred during childhood-the imagination inflation effect. The mechanisms responsible for the effect were investigated with a new paradigm. In Experiment 1, event familiarity (defined as processing fluency) was varied by asking participants to(More)
Current events have marked the increasing tension between freedom of artistic expression and religious tolerance and sensitivity. While there have been several controversies in the West concerning art critical of Christianity, a more complex dynamic has arisen as some Western artists have created art critical of Islam. Research was undertaken to examine(More)
Mothers' influence on their daughters is important for understanding girls' disordered eating and body dissatisfaction. Direct maternal encouragement of daughters to lose weight is linked to daughters' development of bulimic symptoms, and additional findings indicate that daughters whose mothers merely talk about dieting and body dissatisfaction are more(More)
B oys and men of color (BMOC) are at significant risks for poor outcomes across multiple domains including education, health, and financial well-being with little promise of improvement in the near future. Out of concern for this situation, President Obama instituted the My Brother's Keeper Initiative (MBKI) to enlist the combined resources of federal,(More)
(2016, May). Stronger sense of self buffers the relation between preoccupation with thinness and disordered eating. (under review). Buffering adolescent girls against the pressure to be thin. Poster proposal submitted for review to the 88 th Annual Meeting of the Midwest Psychological Association. Chicago. (2016, May). Sense of identity and body(More)
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