Erin E. Guthrie

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Individual variability in human arsenic metabolism has been reported frequently in the literature. This variability could be an underlying determinant of individual susceptibility to arsenic-induced disease in humans. Recent analysis revealing familial aggregation of arsenic metabolic profiles suggests that genetic factors could underlie interindividual(More)
Gene duplication is an important means of generating new genes. The major mechanisms by which duplicated genes are preserved in the face of purifying selection are thought to be neofunctionalization, subfunctionalization, and increased gene dosage. However, very few duplicated gene families in vertebrate species have been analyzed by functional tests in(More)
Three Myb-related genes (A-Myb, B-Myb, and c- Myb) have been found in all vertebrates examined thus far including mammals, birds, and amphibians. Two invertebrates, the sea urchin and the fruit fly, have only one Myb-related gene. Our laboratory has used Drosophila as a model system to explore the function of its sole Myb gene. We have also reintroduced the(More)
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