Erin E. Epstein

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OBJECTIVE To demonstrate how computerized eyelid motion analysis can quantify the human reflex blink. DESIGN Seventeen normal subjects and 10 patients with unilateral facial nerve paralysis were analyzed. BACKGROUND Eyelid closure is currently evaluated by systems primarily designed to assess lower/midfacial movements. The methods are subjective,(More)
Altitude exposure and exercise elicit oxidative stress in blood; however, exercise recovery at 5000 m attenuates oxidative stress. The purpose was to determine the altitude threshold at which blood oxidative stress is blunted during exercise recovery. Twelve males 18-28 years performed four-cycle ergometry bouts (60 min, 70% VO2max, at 975 m). In a(More)
The xerographic mammography records of 3,002 patients with breast disease were reviewed and classified according to the criteria of Wolfe. The parenchymal P2 pattern occurred in 59% of patients with cancer and in only 16,9% patients under the age of 40 without cancer, but the incidence of the DY pattern was much the same in patients with cancer and in those(More)
Whole body plethysmography (WBP) is used to quantify pulmonary function in conscious, unrestrained mice. We determined currently whether time of day and environmental lighting influence day-to-day reproducibility of pulmonary function, and quantifed the necessary habituation time in the WBP chamber. Two-month-old male C57BL6 and mdx mice (n = 8/group,(More)
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  • 1980
A total of 5 583 symptomatic patients were referred for xeromammography at the Mammographic Clinic, Johannesburg General Hospital, between June 1974 and January 1979. Four hundred and fifty-eight carcinomas and 3 sarcomas were recorded. The incidence of carcinoma in our series was 7,9% and that of sarcoma 0,65%, while there was a 0,21% incidence of pure(More)
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