Erin D. Cook

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Social insects rank among the most invasive of terrestrial species. The success of invasive social insects stems, in part, from the flexibility derived from their social behaviors. We used genetic markers to investigate if the social system of the invasive wasp, Vespula pensylvanica, differed in its introduced and native habitats in order to better(More)
Widespread ash dispersal poses a significant natural hazard to society, particularly in relation to disruption to aviation. Assessing the extent of the threat of far-travelled ash clouds on flight paths is substantially hindered by an incomplete volcanic history and an underestimation of the potential reach of distant eruptive centres. The risk of extensive(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The following individuals and organizations deserve special thanks for their support and contributions to this project: We also appreciate the many people who generously gave up their time to respond to the survey, attend focus groups, and participate in interviews. Their participation ensured the success of this effort. To address the(More)
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