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The authors applied functionalist theory to the question of the motivations underlying volunteerism, hypothesized 6 functions potentially served by volunteerism, and designed an instrument to assess these functions (Volunteer Functions Inventory; VFI). Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses on diverse samples yielded factor solutions consistent with(More)
In this conceptual replication and extension of Rosenhan's study of civil rights activists, the sustained altruism (i.e., help that extends over time) of volunteers at a telephone crisis-counseling agency was examined. Using a prospective format, it was predicted that volunteers with a socialization history of exposure to nurturant parents who modeled(More)
Triplex-forming oligonucleotides (TFOs) are being investigated as highly specific DNA binding agents to inhibit the expression of clinically relevant genes. So far, they have been shown to inhibit transcription from the HER-2/neu gene in vitro, whereas their use in vivo has been studied to a limited extent. This study uses a TFO-chlorambucil (chl) conjugate(More)
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