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Food choices are among the most frequent and important health decisions in everyday life, but remain notoriously difficult to capture. This work examines opportunities for lightweight photo-based capture in mobile food journals. We first report on a survey of 257 people, examining how they define healthy eating, their experiences and challenges with(More)
In this paper, we propose BodyBeat, a novel mobile sensing system for capturing and recognizing a diverse range of non-speech body sounds in real-life scenarios. Non-speech body sounds, such as sounds of food intake, breath, laughter, and cough contain invaluable information about our dietary behavior, respiratory physiology, and affect. The BodyBeat mobile(More)
Creativity support tools help people engage creatively with the world, but measuring how well a tool supports creativity is challenging since creativity is ill-defined. To this end, we developed the Creativity Support Index (CSI), which is a psychometric survey designed for evaluating the ability of a creativity support tool to assist a user engaged in(More)
A major challenge in the comprehension of the endometrial transformations leading to the completion of each menstrual cycle in humans is in the identification of specific molecular pathways underlying these monthly turnovers. Towards this goal we compared, by the differential display technique, the relative expression of mRNA in endometrial biopsies(More)
14 [highLights] f rom munching on a piece of toast and swallowing a sip of coffee to deep breathing after a few laps of running, our body continually makes a wide range of non-speech body sounds, which can be indicative of our dietary behaviour, respiratory physiology, and affect. A wearable system that can continuously capture and recognize different types(More)
BACKGROUND Equipping members of a target population to deliver effective public health messaging to peers is an established approach in health promotion. The Sources of Strength program has demonstrated the promise of this approach for "upstream" youth suicide prevention. Text messaging is a well-established medium for promoting behavior change and is the(More)
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