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We summarize the accomplishments of a multi-disciplinary workshop exploring the computational and scientific issues surrounding zero resource (unsupervised) speech technologies and related models of early language acquisition. Centered around the tasks of phonetic and lexical discovery, we consider unified evaluation metrics, present two new approaches for(More)
By the time children begin to rapidly acquire new word meanings they are already able to determine the grammatical category of novel words based on syntactic and morphological cues. Here we test whether children can leverage this knowledge when inferring the meaning of a novel word. Through a novel word learning experiment we determine that children can use(More)
Nanomaterials and their associated technologies hold promising opportunities for the development of new materials and applications in a wide variety of disciplines, including medicine, environmental remediation, waste treatment, and energy conservation. However, current information regarding the environmental effects and health risks associated with(More)
People's beliefs about everyday events are both of theoretical interest in their own right and an important ingredient in model building—especially in Bayesian cognitive models of phenomena such as logical reasoning, future predictions, and language use. Here, we explore several recently used methods for measuring subjective beliefs about unidimensional(More)
We show how the wide range in strengths of intensifying degree adverbs (e.g. very and extremely) could be explained by pragmatic inference based on differing cost, rather than differing semantics. This predicts a linear relationship between the meaning of intensifiers and their length and log-frequency. We test this prediction in two studies, using two(More)
Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Abstract: Reliable estimates of physical and biochemical properties of novel energetic compounds are essential before making the investment to synthesize, scale-up, and manufacture a new material for use in either military or civilian applications. Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR)(More)
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