Erin B Petersen

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The vinoxy radical, a common intermediate in gas-phase alkene ozonolysis, reacts with O2 to form a chemically activated alpha-oxoperoxy species. We report CBS-QB3 energetics for O2 addition to the parent (*CH2CHO, 1a), 1-methylvinoxy (*CH2COCH3, 1b), and 2-methylvinoxy (CH3*CHCHO, 1c) radicals. CBS-QB3 predictions for peroxy radical formation agree with(More)
The beta-hydroxyethylperoxy (I) and beta-hydroxyethoxy (III) radicals are prototypes of species that can undergo hydrogen atom transfer across their intramolecular hydrogen bonds. These reactions may play an important role in both the atmosphere and in combustion systems. We have used density functional theory and composite electronic structure methods to(More)
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