Eriko Touma

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By recent progress in hardware, 3D visualization including VolumeRendering is adopted in various fields. Though CG is used in the atmospheric field, the scientists mainly use 2D visualization. So, we develop a 3D visualization system Gateau for atmospheric science. Gateau is a quick-look tool that enables them to observe 3D grid data with only a few(More)
Recent improvement of high-end GPUs has made it possible to perform real-time 3D visualization such as volume rendering and 3D contour plot for scientific data locally. A web browser based remote 3D visualization by visualization servers is attractive, but data transfer overhead prevents from performing interactive operations. We propose an interactive(More)
n late years the visualization technol gy is used extensively in various research fields, and plays an impo ant role in a mosph ric science research. Gateau, which we have been developing, is a system that helps atmosph ric scientists analyze data by visualizing earth ob servation data used in atmosph ric science research. In this investigation, we have(More)
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