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A DNA vaccine constructed with the CMV promoter conjugated to env gp160 and rev genes has been shown to induce an effective Th1-type immune response when inoculated via an intramuscular route. In the present study, we obtained high levels of both humoral and cell-mediated immune activity by intranasal administration of this DNA vaccine. The production of(More)
Cytokines are powerful regulators of the immune response. In this study, an HIV-1 envelope DNA vaccine and interleukin 15 (IL-15) expression plasmid were intranasally administered to mice. A significant increase in the HIV-1-specific DTH response and CTL activity, and decrease in the serum IgG/IgG2a ratio was observed in the group which received DNA vaccine(More)
To examine species differences in the distribution pattern of guanosine triphosphate (GTP)-binding protein (Go) within the vertebrate retina, paraffin-embedded retinae from a number of vertebrate species, including the goldfish, frog, turtle, chicken, monkey, and human, were immunohistochemically stained with affinity-purified antibody against the(More)
BACKGROUND We developed novel magnetic resonance enterocolonography (MREC) for simultaneously evaluating both small and large bowel lesions in patients with Crohn's disease (CD). The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic performance of MREC by comparing results of this procedure to those of endoscopies for evaluating the small and large bowel(More)
One hundred and thirty three gastric cancer cases were investigated immunohistochemically to clarify the biological role of survivin in gastric cancer cells using a commercially available anti-survivin antibody (SURV11A). Five gastric cancer cell lines were employed to assess localization of survivin by reverse-transcription-polymerase chain reaction(More)
OBJECTIVE An increased plasma homocysteine level is an important risk factor for vascular disease, including coronary atherosclerosis, in the general population. However, the role of hyperhomocysteinemia in the development of coronary artery disease (CAD) in patients with type 2 diabetes is unknown. Therefore, we have endeavored to determine the(More)
CD8+ cell-secreted CC-chemokines, MIP-1alpha, and MIP-beta have recently been identified as factors which suppress HIV. In this study we co-inoculated MIP-1alpha expression plasmid with a DNA vaccine constructed from HIV-1 pCMV160IIIB and pcREV, and evaluated the effect of the adjuvant on HIV-specific immune responses following intramuscular and intranasal(More)
Intestinal epithelial cell-derived interleukin (IL)-7 functions as a pleiotropic and nonredundant cytokine in the human intestinal mucosa; however, the molecular basis of its production has remained totally unknown. We here showed that human intestinal epithelial cells both constitutively and when induced by gamma interferon (IFN-gamma) produced IL-7, while(More)
DNA vaccination is characterized by its preferential induction of the cytotoxic T cell lymphocyte (CTL) response and is expected to be a useful means of protection against viral infection. We examined the protective effect of an expression plasmid (pME18S-M) containing M1 and M2 genes of influenza A/PR/8/34. We detected the CTL activity by introducing these(More)