Eriko Miyoshi

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Many methods exist in the literature for identifying PEEP to set in ARDS patients following a lung recruitment maneuver (RM). We compared ten published parameters for setting PEEP following a RM. Lung injury was induced by bilateral lung lavage in 14 female Dorset sheep, yielding a PaO2 100–150 mmHg at FIO2 1.0 and PEEP 5 cmH2O. A quasi-static P–V curve was(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous mechanical ventilators are designed and marketed for use in patient transport. The complexity of these ventilators differs considerably, but very few data exist to compare their operational capabilities. METHODS Using bench and animal models, we studied 15 currently available transport ventilators with regard to their physical(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether hypercarbia occurs following the use of open suctioning in lung lavage injured sheep and whether the baseline PaCO2 and duration of suctioning affect gas exchange. DESIGN Prospective laboratory evaluation. SETTING Animal laboratory in a university hospital. SUBJECTS Seven female Dorset sheep. INTERVENTIONS Lung lavage(More)
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